House System

The House system works to ensure that every pupil feels like they are supported and that they belong. Primarily, a pupil’s House is their home during the day; it provides them with a house master and tutor with whom they can share their achievements as well as any potential concerns. It also serves to build a much more tangible sense of community throughout the school, as the Houses contain pupils from every age group, all of them encouraging one another and working together for the good of their house.

House System

Pastoral care is central to the College’s ethos; it affects and influences every aspect of our role as educators, as well as the developmental process of the pupils in our care. The House System is specifically designed to give each pupil a place where they are recognised as an individual and their unique needs, potential, limitations and capabilities are also understood and accepted.

A pupil’s House will be their home throughout their time at Wellington College. It serves as much more than an arbitrary grouping; it is the place where key friendships will be made, achievements will be celebrated and any problems – small or large – can be safely discussed and resolved. Each one of the Houses has a Housemaster or Housemistress (HM) and a team of tutors who support with pastoral issues on a day-to-day basis. This gives every pupil a clear line of communication so they always have someone available to listen to their concerns and support them in any way required.

The Houses are also a means of encouraging and supporting a spirit of competition and friendly rivalry, as pupils are able to display their talent and skill during inter-house competitions held throughout the academic year. Naturally, each Wellingtonian wants their House to be the best, and the various sporting, performing arts and academic House events are the perfect means for them to try and win points for their House and share in their housemates’ achievements.

新版92最新福利We also use the House system to give certain pupils the opportunity to take on positions of responsibility and subsequently develop their leadership, organisational and interpersonal skills. Each HM will appoint chosen pupils as peer mentors, team captains, College Ambassadors and, of course, a Head of House and Deputy Head of House. We believe that the House system, with its competitions, positions of responsibility and sense of community, genuinely encourages our pupils to overcome their reservations and try new experiences, take risks and push themselves, all within an accepting and supportive environment.

新版92最新福利At Wellington College Hangzhou, we have chosen to use some of the most storied and prestigious Houses for our pupils. Each of these Houses has a rich and deep history. Participation in these Houses helps our pupils become a part of the Wellington story and builds a strong connection between them and Wellington pupils around the world.

The Houses at Wellington College Hangzhou are; The Benson, The Picton, The Stanley, The Wellesley, and The Combermere.

House System

House System


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