Pre-Prep – Years 1-2:?Our youngest Wellingtonians are encouraged to develop their own individual learning skills in stimulating, colourful and child-friendly surroundings.


Lower -Prep Years 3-6:?新版92最新福利As pupils move on from Pre-Prep into the Lower -Prep School, the emphasis is on high academic standards coupled with an extensive and varied programme of co-curricular activities.


Upper-Prep – Years 7-9:?Upper Prep (Years 7-9) sees pupils transition into Key Stage 3 where they begin their important preparation for Senior School.


Pre-Prep – Years 1-2

At Wellington College International Hangzhou, Pre-Prep begins at Key Stage One (Years 1 and 2). For Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception age children, we recommend that parents enrol their children in Huili Nursery Hangzhou.

At Huili Nursery Hangzhou, the children follow the English Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum along with the Chinese guidelines for Early Years. This supportive, caring and research-based bilingual environment provides children with the perfect foundation for moving into Key Stage One. For more information, please refer to the Huili Nursery Hangzhou website here.

新版92最新福利The transition from Early Years to Key Stage One sees the style of learning develop to more formal lessons where they follow the English National Curriculum as a basis for the core subjects, and the International Primary Curriculum for cross curricular topic work.

All children are taught for the majority of the day by a classroom teacher who, as well as teaching many of the principal subjects, will provide excellent pastoral care for which all Wellington schools are justifiably renowned. Specialist teachers lead Mandarin, Music and Swimming lessons across the Pre-Prep. From Year One onwards they also have PE and ICT specialist teachers.


Lower -Prep Years 3-6

新版92最新福利Lower Prep at Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6) follows the English National Curriculum as well as the International Primary Curriculum. at the same time drawing very much on our Wellington Identity and Value, encouraging all Wellingtonians to fulfil their potential. Our main goal is to generate a love of learning that will set up our young boys and girls for success both in this formative stage of their development and beyond. This is achieved through the highly effective combination of traditional, formal teaching delivered through imaginative and creative approaches, using the most modern classroom practices. The curriculum we use also reflects on the fact that the College will be an international school with a multi-national pupil body and will be stretching, having been designed to meet the needs of each individual by giving a breadth of educational experience and an academic depth that prepares them for their move upwards.

Upper Prep (Years 7-9) will see pupils transition into Key Stage where they begin their important preparation for Senior School.


Upper-Prep – Years 7-9

新版92最新福利Our curriculum at Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) is based on the English National Curriculum, suitably enhanced to incorporate exciting elements from the International Curriculum. Lessons are taught by a series of subject specialists with the class tutor having the important pastoral role of coordinating all aspects of the pupils’ academic and social development as well delivering the Wellington Wellbeing Programme.

The Wellington curriculum is rigorous and challenging, having been designed to meet the needs of each individual by giving a breadth of educational experience and academic depth. Learning will inspire curiosity, creativity and compassion in all our pupils. We will empower pupils to become independent, self-aware and confident, laying the foundations for academic success at IGCSE and beyond, as well as making them effective and responsible leaders of the future.



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