Academic Support

Academic Support

English Support Programme

新版92最新福利English Support at Wellington is a leveled programme based on the presentation, practice and production of the “4 Key Language Skills” of reading, writing, speaking and listening. Classes present communicative, graded activities appropriate to the language level of the individual learner. Grammatical rules are reviewed and practiced with frequent writing exercises, speaking tasks and listening activities. Vocabulary and reading skills are developed using graded readers, and where appropriate this is within the context of the topics studied in their mainstream English, Science and Humanities classes. Students in lower year groups are introduced to phonics, spelling rules and basic literary techniques, as well as study skills and language usages appropriate to their Key Stage. The overall focus of the English Support programme is to enhance both the fluency and accuracy of a student’s language capability, so that they become better equipped to access their mainstream classes.


Special Educational Needs Support

All children are special and many children have individual needs. These may be physical in nature, emotional, behavioral or otherwise. At Wellington College International Hangzhou, our aim is to offer support where appropriate through our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators or School Counsellor. This may be through individual 1:1 attention, working in small groups or within the class situation.

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